Refund Policy

The current Terms of Use is an important document you should carefully read before deciding on the use of the website services. Pay attention to the following risks of using FFTRS Services:
All purchases in FFTRS Services are final. No refund or replacement of a product or a service is provided unless there are objective reasons, such as the incorrect operation of an application or inconsistency with a description. By purchasing digital content in FFTRS Services, you agree not to use the right of withdrawal stipulated by law.

In executing financial operations in FFTRS Services, You are responsible for paying all applicable taxes, duties and customs duties relating to financial transactions in FFTRS Services, including any related penalty or interest.

You agree to comply with any and all applicable tax laws, including the reporting and payment of any taxes arising in connection with Your use of the website and FFTRS Services. You will be held responsible for failure to comply with any applicable tax law.

All sales are final, and no compensation, refund or replacement of purchased products, goods or services shall be provided.

Under EU law, You have the right to cancel your purchase of digital content, such as software applications or subscriptions to digital content, within 30 days. However, when purchasing such content (or subscribing to it) in FFTRS Services, You agree that it will be provided to You immediately, and thereby waive Your statutory right of withdrawal. Consequently, You shall not be able to claim a refund or other reimbursement if You receive the content in proper condition.

Refund methods. If purchased digital content does not match the description in FFTRS Service or does not work correctly, You can contact us for help or request a refund on the website by contacting the administration via the Client Area.

Refunds are made only for objective reasons, such as incorrect application operation or inconsistency with the description in FFTRS Services. After a User submits the appropriate request, a decision on a refund is made within 30 days. If it is positive, the funds will be returned the same way.